Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant


A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure done to implant a healthy kidney from another person. It is recommended for people who have end-stage kidney disease and will not be able to live without dialysis or a transplant. Kidney transplant surgery is a complex procedure. What’s more, the experience of receiving a kidney, or donating one, can be highly emotional. Dr. Jaydeep Date is the best doctor for Kidney Transplant in Pune.

What is Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplantation is the procedure in which an kidney from a healthy related donor or a deceased donor is transplanted into a patient with end-stage kidney disease. Kidney transplantation is also known as Renal Transplantation. Kidneys remove excess fluid and waste from your blood When the kidney fails due to any reason. kidney transplant remains the only option in such situations. Kidney transplants are one of the most common transplant operations. Only one donated kidney is needed to replace two failed kidneys. Live kidney donation by the patients near relative is the better option. To minimize the discomfort to the donor the kidney donation surgery is recommended to be done through a laparoscopic approach. Dr. Jaydeep Date is the only urologist in Pune routinely performing this complex procedure laparoscopically.

During a kidney transplant evaluation, a transplant coordinator will arrange a series of tests to assess your treatment options. You’ll be evaluated for potential medical problems such as heart disease, infections, bladder dysfunction, ulcer disease, and obesity.