Kidney Stone Treatment

Kidney Stone Treatment


Kidney stones that can’t be treated with conservative measures either because they’re too large to pass on their own or because they cause bleeding, kidney damage or ongoing urinary tract infections may require more surgical removal.

Treatment for Kidney Stone in Pune

Treatment for Kidney Stone varies depending on the size and location of the stone & the patient symptoms and overall Health. A small stone with Symptoms can be Treated Non-Invasive by Increasing fluid intake to flush the stone out Taking medication to assist in stone expulsion. Medication helps to relax the muscles in the ureter, So that stone passes out quickly with minimal pain. Taking Medication to relieve pain

Treatment options for urinary stones include:
ESWL-An externally applied acoustic pulse is focused on the stone to break it into tiny pieces.

RIRS-A tiny scope is inserted into the urinary tract to locate the stone, and laser energy is used to disintegrate it.

PCNL-A small passage is made from the skin into the kidney to locate the stone, an endoscope is then inserted for fragmentation and removal of the stone.

Open Surgery:
A large single incision is made into the abdomen to enter the urinary system and remove the stone. This type of surgery is rarely needed today.

Post-treatment, the patient will have to take dietary precautions or medications to prevent a recurrence of the kidney stone.


Kidney Stone Doctor In Pune :

A kidney stone is like a small rock that forms in a kidney. Stones form when certain chemicals in the body clump together. A stone form when certain chemicals in the body clump together. Dr. Jaydeep Date  is one of the best kidney stone doctor in Pune provide extremely effective diagnosis and treatment of kidney stone. Shockwave lithotripsy (SWL), Ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and endoscopic surgery are some of the common surgical methods used for the effective treatment or removal of kidney stones from the body of the patients..

Being one of the best urologist in Pune, Dr. Jaydeep Date is expertise in endoscopic surgical procedures. He is able to successfully treat different sizes of kidney stones in the most efficient manner. To ensure highly effective kidney stone treatment Dr. Jaydeep Date makes use the of latest endoscopic equipment Mini PCNL and Ultramini PCNL for the purpose of conducting the surgical operation. With an excellent success rate, low recovery time and optimum effectiveness, the endoscopic surgery conducted by Dr. Jaydeep Date is extremely popular and best kidney stone doctor in Pune with fruitful result.

Tips for preventing kidney stones :

Consume 2-3 liters of fluids, including soups and fruits, every day

1. As a rule of thumb, your urine should be quite clear at most times of the day. If the urine appears yellowish or concentrated, it means there is either low fluid intake or excessive sweating.

2. Reduce your salt intake, especially if you have high blood pressure Limit your intake of foods rich in oxalates. Oxalate-rich foods, e.g. peanuts, almonds, chocolates, strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, spinach, wheat bran Oxalate-rich beverages, e.g. tea, coffee, beer, soy drinks Purine-rich foods, e.g. organ meats, shellfish, sardine, anchovies Consume more citrus foods such as lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit which are protective against  kidney stones.